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Itay Gross, born to a second-generation world renowned leading artist in Haifa, Israel.
His professional international career started in 1999 at a Dutch company IMC trading B.V. that hired him due to his IDF ICT experience as a consultant, which shortly after became permanent until 2002. In 2002 he partnered up with a colleague to build a new company, Source Capital, focusing on research and development in relation to the financial world. Source Capital kept on growing until 2016, having three offices in Amsterdam, London and Switzerland. He held the position as Director of the Amsterdam and London R&D operations and in Switzerland he functioned as their Chief Operations Officer. In 2017 he realised and established a unique and complex ecological, environmentally friendly architectural masterpiece located in an exceptional artist village in Israel. In 2019 he focused on advising diverse industries how to outperform expectations and maximise their product and expertise.

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Itay Gross

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