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Career success is a result of imagination creating reality, coupled with strong entrepreneurial ambition and an appetite for challenge and innovation, proving that the impossible is temporary


  • Consistently challenges the status quo to create growth opportunities for monetisation through data analytics and product adaptation. Firm advocate of diversified product range and multiple business models

  • Applies unique, interdisciplinary market-specific insight to simplify development, maximise adaptability and extend usability in product life cycles, focusing on core added value

  • Critical thinker advising businesses on optimal processes and the adoption of operational and financial organisational structures compliant with ever-shifting local regulations

  • Catalyses management and inspires teams to navigate with success through change and growth with direction and leadership by example

  • Adept at steering teams through technological barriers, changing competitive global environments and turbulent markets due to financial crises and geopolitical conditions

  • Visualises potential impacts of ICT and data on investors, shareholders and overall business opportunities

  • Advises across sectors to outperform expectations and maximise experience, by refocusing on realised core value deliverables, and quantifying risks associated with growth and expansion, resulting in a transparent and quantified growth plan with limited discretionary elements


  • Strategy Adviser, Board Member & Investor

  • Stimulating growth in well-established firms, defining risks and increasing market share

  • Leading industry diverse international start-ups to navigate the seeding process, focus on implementation, proof of concept and to materialise their vision

  • Structural analytical ability and hands-ready determining success, providing innovative advice needed to realise an idea and outperform initial concept or strategies

Summary of Achievements

  • Pioneered in open source, data management and real-time environments across diverse industries

  • Anticipated, visualised and actualised innovation solutions ahead of the market e.g. systems automation, internet, security, data usage in statistical & AI engines, fintech solutions, data and risk management systems

  • Increased and diversified revenue streams by monetising market access, data, risk systems and legal structures

  • Maximised product reach by prioritising worldwide growth while ensuring maximum exposure and dedicated approach

  • Advised board-level executives on business continuity plans for various financial services and R&D operations

  • Identified the benefit of specific controls necessary to manage business growth and opportunities for partners and affiliates

  • Partnered with legal experts to ensure optimal business processes, organisational structures and ICT infrastructure & security, with audit-compliance for affiliate companies and hedge funds

  • Sourced partners and collaborated to develop long-term strategic implementation trading solutions across multiple platforms on financial markets, which were subsequently adopted by affiliates

  • Hired for diversity and inclusion, including specialist talent acquisition for establishing energetic, hybrid multi-cultural environments. Advised in sensitive workforce fluctuations and re-organisational scenarios

  • Led intricate projects in multiple regions (North America, LATAM, EMEA, APAC)

  • Global Sophisticated Algorithmic Trading:

  1. Pioneer and early adopter of Fintech and Big Data solutions as well as sophisticated algorithmic trading techniques used by key market players around the world

  2. Creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial Director in global sophisticated algorithmic automated trading and asset management

  3. Demonstrated success creating and developing international sophisticated algorithmic bigdata trading houses in the highly competitive global investment arena

  4. Focused on global developed and emerging markets

  5. Drove growth of companies throughout technological challenges, tough competition and turbulent markets/geopolitics conditions

  6. Tenaciously built new business lines, professional investor communications and forged strong relationships within the entire scope of the algorithmic investment process

Portfolio: Projects
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